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Our objective here at Dreamy Dogs is to create a supportive environment where our employees inspire each other and have a positive impact on the community in which we live. Our business is built on the fact that our clients, while not human, have emotions and require empathy and compassion when they show fear and reluctance. We take pride in our craft and recognize that this is a paid service, only the highest standards will be tolerated. The small details make the experience and we want our client’s owners to only see greatness as they inspect our small but powerful works of art, such as the nails and paws. Through compassion and love for the clients, we build this business.



Dreamy Dogs specializes in creative grooming as well as breed standard. The CEO, Jacey Hurst, has done extensive studying on the dyes we use and they are all only pet safe dyes. Safer than what humans use! The process is equivalent to a deep conditioning. Beware all the attention your dog will get sometimes they get a big head Like our model Snapple. Snapple thinks he belongs on a runway! Dreamy Dogs CEO, Jacey, also teaches seminars on creative and can do almost any design imaginable :-)