We typically offer two lengths of boarded training, though specific duration may be provided upon request. The most common training is a 14-day training during which we can establish a reliable foundation of beginner obedience, or advance a dog through subsequent training programs as described below.

We also offer a 21-day training duration which can establish beginner and intermediate behaviors, remedial training, or puppy training. Extended training makes time for lots of public outings and socialization, ensuring that your dog understands his training in many environments.

Service Dog Training

8 weeks total in 2 week increments

Service Prices

Dogs don't spend the whole time in the kennel, but it is there designated Den to sleep in, or assist with potty & crate training. Depending on their training they usually get free play during the day with other dogs and regular potty and outside time.

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

W-2 ft      L- 2 ft.      H- 2.5 ft

Small kennel

$1,260/ 2 Weeks

$1,890/ 3 Weeks

2 small Dog Family that fit in this size
$2,450/ 2 Weeks
$3,080/ 3 Weeks


W-3 ft      L- 3 ft.      H- 2.5 ft 

Medium Kennel

$1,400/ 2 Weeks

$2,100 3 Weeks

Best for General Upkeep

2 medium Dog Family that fit in this size

$2,590/ 2 Weeks

$3,290/ 3 Weeks


W-3 ft       L- 5 ft.       H- 5 ft

Large Kennel

$1,540/ 2 Weeks

$2,310/ 3 Weeks

2 Large Dog Family that fit in this size

$2,730/ 2 Weeks

$3,500/ 3 Weeks


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