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Here at Dreamy Dogs we do a lot of referring. Dreamy employees are constantly studying nutrition, illness, treatments, the history of the breed and purposes of their confirmation. This is not just a job, we are studious experts. We refer for 5 star dog food, home care, therapeutics, and homeopathic remedies. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and want our clients to be as healthy as possible.

Hempworx CBD is grown in American Farms, FDA approved and is a pure extract. Safe and consistent to use for mental and general health. Proven to help with anxiety, pain and many other benefits!


Study Your Dog Food

We recommend Taste of the Wild or any food 4.5 stars or over.

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What our customers are saying

CBD changed my Chloe's life! She used to hide all day long and since adding CBD daily , she is more outgoing and confident during storms!!

Kumi Taylor