Jacey Hurst

Owner & lead Groomer

Jacey Hurst has lived her whole life for animals. It was only fitting that she found the grooming industry at the age of 18 to infuse her love of animals with her love of art. Now, she is set to be the best groomer possible! She has earned the highest level in competitive grooming. The competitions are all over the country and has a wall of trophies.  These awards included breed standard competitions as well as creative grooming competitions. She has also taught Asian fusion and creative color grooming to other groomers, and has been on Television multiple times.

She also has experienced grooming, showing Standard poodles and bedlington terrierss. Even if you have a simple pet groom, the expert experience of going above in beyond in your craft gives you an outlet to solve different problems more efficiently. Or even just tricks to compliment a dog in breed standard grooming gives that extra oomph you can't put a finger on in pet grooming.